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Teamworx has…

  • 30 Years Experience in Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Running Small Businesses
  • 15 Years Experience in Embroidery & Embroidery Design
  • 10 Years Experience in Screen Printing
  • 5 Years Experience in Graphic Art and Print Design

FROM CORPORATIONS TO THE SINGLE TRAVEL TEAM… Our customers are with us for a reason… We treat everyone with the same importance and commitment. We have customers that need 1200 uniforms and customers that need 6 tee shirts and we quote them all in a timely fashion, we get them their art quickly, we return their emails and phone calls in a timely fashion. If there is a problem we let them know and figure it out, Pro-Actively. We have never missed a deadline… Talk to some of our customers they’ll tell you why Teamworx is different.

When we have a team or teams that have decided on a set of uniforms, warm-ups, shoes, kneepads, shorts or pants we come prepared. We let the players, parents and coaches try the items on so they all know they are getting exactly what they specified. If we are doing spirit wear for a school or team we actually make up order forms for the players, parents and coaches to make it easier and less stressful on everyone.

At Teamworx we have the “Ritz Carlton Approach to Customer Service”, and We Mean It… There are not many companies in Screen Printing, Embroidery and Uniform Sales that even know what that means. Our customers do. They are the reason Teamworx is what we are today.

OUR ORDERING PROCESS… Contact us with your detailed information.

The Quantity of tees or Uniforms you will need. The brand, color(s) or styles you’d like. The number of colors for each placement, or the number of placements and print sizes please include information such as: (front and back? sleeve too? how big do you want the prints?). Include if you’d like names and numbers. What graphic format do you have? Please attach any available graphics, a picture or link if you’d like. Please give us the font names for any text if possible. Deadline – When you must have your order in hand.

Any other information we need to know. We will get a quote for you within 24 hours or sooner. Once the quote is accepted we will typically need a deposit before creating a mockup of your design(s). Balance is due upon completion of the job. We will do our best to match what we see on our computer screens or hardcopies of your graphic mockups.

Please note: We are perfectionists, but we are not perfect. Our goal with every single production run at Teamworx is to collect as much information as possible about your job so that we can achieve all of your specifications. We welcome scheduling a meeting to discuss all details in person. If you’d like to schedule a meeting, Please contact us today.

TURNAROUND TIMES… We’re pretty darn fast. Depending on how many shirts you need and how complicated your design is, we can usually turn your job around within 5-10 business days, or so. If you have a special rush job, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Sometimes our customers need shirts printed by the end of the day, and we’ve made it happen for them.

DO YOU HAVE MINIMUMS? We try to keep the minimum order to 12 shirts. But if you only need a few tees for some special reason, tell us about the job and we’ll try to make an exception. But because much of the process is in set-up and cleanup, we would have to charge a much higher fee per shirt than we do for larger orders.

GRAPHIC ARTS vs. CLIPART… Clip art usually refers to stock images created to be purchased and used over an over again. Graphic art can refer to any type of graphic, while clip art is specifically those stock little images you see in Word documents. We don’t use the typical cutesy little creatures and art supplied by old school design companies. We take pride in our custom, creative and unique designs our customers have learned to love.

We don’t believe that artwork is fairly represented in scale and proportion when it is sent in the form of templates. We prefer to send real artwork with real measurements and typical placement. Additionally, please keep in mind that when we send colors of shirts or designs that they will appear differently on all monitors. If you have a particular color of tee, uniform, hoodie or ink, please let us know. You can come in and see what we offer anytime, Just Let Us Know.

A WORD ABOUT PROOFS AND GUARANTEES… Customized goods are generally not accompanied by guarantees, but Teamworx is changing that. We will not start the manufacturing process until you are 100% satisfied with the design and details of your order has been reviewed and approved.

We deliver quality custom products – products that look just like the artwork and or samples that you have approved. If the custom products you receive do not meet your expectations, contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please notify Teamworx immediately regarding any shortages or misprints. If it is determined that there were errors in manufacturing or the product differs materially from what was approved, we will replace all flawed or defective merchandise if the merchandise is returned in full. All returns will be reprinted immediately and Pro-actively. Sorry no refunds will be given.

Clients are responsible for proof reading and approval of the final artwork. Teamworx will not be responsible for typos, unmatched or mismatched colors, or over looked errors. Please be mindful that once the product is in production no more changes can be made. The Customer is fully responsible for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process.

Teamworx is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: misspelling, graphics, grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, finished product size. We DO NOT make any changes on customer files without prior client consent. Artwork charges apply if artwork is not screen print ready. Therefore, if the client approves any type of work (verbal, written, or by email) and the job has been turned in, sale is final. Returns are not valid if the client changes his or her mind, for that reason, the product must be paid in full. Credit card sales are processed at the time of sale and not after delivery.

All pre-press work including but not limited to screens, artwork, films and embroidery files are the sole property of Teamworx LLC. Because we don not charge for artwork, screens and setups, the design is the property of the designer and cannot be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the owner.

LOCAL ADVANTAGE vs. RETAIL/INTERNET DISADVANTAGE… Not sure many people understand or even know that a local company like ours can actually beat Internet pricing. Well, we can and we do. We actually buy from the same companies our Internet competitors buy from and sometimes we even get the same pricing they do. The difference is, we have lower overhead and a better bottom line so we can provide our customers better pricing. We started the company with this in mind. There are many websites that actually put a price of a product in their store and typically double the shipping and add handling charges right at the end of the purchase because they know you’ve already taken the time to get there, you might as well just buy it. Not to mention the hassles involved if the product is in disrepair or the wrong color or size. So, when you see a pair of Mizuno Spandex for 21.95 it sounds great, only to find out at the end of the transaction you just paid 35.00 for an item you could’ve bought at Teamworx for $25.00. Customers have actually told me that they bought that same pair of spandex locally for 40.00. At Teamworx we’ll help you bring your designs and products in line with real world prices that you can be comfortable with. Isn’t it time you gave us a call?

WHAT WE DO vs. WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO… There are a number of companies in the area that say they do Custom Screen Printing, Embroidery, Custom Uniforms, Vinyl, Names & Numbers, Dye-Sublimation, Tackle Twill, Vectorizing & Digitizing, Graphic Design, Stickers, Banners, Business Cards, Brochures, Signs and Car Wraps. My Gosh, what don’t they do? Well, some of them don’t do any of it and not many of them do much of it and even fewer do all of it. There may be 3-4 companies in Collier County that truly do all they say they do and we’re One of Them. It’s important to our customers that we do because we can keep their projects under our watchful and demanding eyes here, all under one roof.

We welcome the idea of showing our customers what we do and how we do it. Heck, we have customers that hang out with us while we printed or embroidered their products. We have customers that help design their logos and tees. We like having our customers in our showroom and in our offices.

The reason we don’t list prices on the site is because each project presents unique differences, scope and details. Many web based companies have prices listed because the jobs are not typically unique or custom. The bulk of the work is in the initial setup and design. Charging higher prices for the same fonts and the same artwork over and over again, just doesn’t seem fair.

BEST POSSIBLE PRICES vs. WHOLESALE… Many companies purport they are selling you products and services at wholesale prices. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. If a company is buying at wholesale prices how can they sell at wholesale? We actually tell our customers to get 2-3 quotes. That way when we beat our competitors pricing our customers understand they got a great deal.

BRANDS… we have sourced the best available brands in the imprinted sportswear market today for our customers. We have done this for a reason, to build consistency in our workmanship and in your brand. We don’t push our customers into a certain label just to carry their flag. We prefer to let our customers tell us what they want and need. If you need a brand or product that you don’t see on our website, please let us know.

FREE SAMPLES… we don’t get free samples, so we don’t give free samples. We require a nominal fee to bring samples in. We do however have many catalogs and samples here in our showroom. Stop in and check them out.

PROPER INKS & TECHNIQUES FOR PRINTING POLYESTER vs. THE TYPICAL TEE SHIRT GUY… Be aware there are numerous issues associated with printing on todays’ most popular fabrics. Many screen printers say they can print on polyester just to find out later your new red jerseys with white ink are now pink… We have tested many brands of ink, we buy the best possible products and our practices are beyond reproach. We probably print more polyester than anyone in the area. We have never had an issue in this regard.

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT vs. SPONSORSHIP… Although, we don’t typically sponsor teams or clubs we do have a great track record for helping customers in our community when necessary. Many companies will sponsor a club or team and increase pricing to do so. Think about it, it costs more to put their logo or name on the uniform or tee shirt. If they say they’re giving you a $250 or $500 sponsorship, I guarantee someone’s paying for it, and it’s probably not them.

We, on the other hand, prefer to give you the best price possible and when necessary give back to the community in some way. We do give discounts to First Responders, Service Men and Women along with a number of deserving projects, events, causes and clubs in the surrounding area.